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The Elvenar event, Evolution of the Phoenix runs on beta from April 1, 2019 through April 28th, 2019. It has now been announced it will run on live worlds from April 15, 2019 through May 12th, 2019 Nouvel événement qui se déroulera du 5 décembre 2019 au 2 janvier 2020. Semblable aux événements récents, Winter Magic n'a qu'une ligne de quête: Les quêtes sont offertes au hasard. différentes quêtes peuvent apparaître dans un ordre différent pour chaque joueur Nouvel événement qui débutera le lundi 7 septembre. Cet événement permettra de gagner un bâtiment évolutif (ours lunaire), des grands prix, ainsi que des bâtiments exclusifs journaliers grâce à des quêtes séquentielles suivies par des quêtes journalières, comme dans le cas des événements précédents The Elvenar event, Winter Magic began on beta November 14, 2019 and will run until December 12, 2019. It has now been announced it will run on live worlds from December 5, 2019 through January 2, 2020 Elvenar est un jeu gratuit disponible sur navigateur Web. Dans Elvenar, vous construirez une ville florissante et découvrirez un monde magique rempli de mystères. Dans ce jeu enchanté de construction de ville, vous pouvez jouer en tant qu'Elfe, être proche de la nature et donner à votre ville un aspect végétal plus magique. Ou vous pouvez choisir les ingénieurs humains et être le.

Dans Elvenar, vous pouvez soit marchander avec les dirigeants des provinces, soit combattre des créatures sauvages pour vous emparer de ces précieuses reliques ! Des voisins amicaux. Dans Elvenar, le jeu de construction de ville fantastique, la solitude n'est pas de mise. La carte du monde est immense, certains disent infinie, et de nombreuses autres tribus d'elfes et d'humains y ont bâti. Post in Fellows & Fellowships in Gems of Elvenar! Tournament driven players looking for a 10-chest focused group can find one in Fellows & Fellowships: 10-Chests Edition . Archmages and Mages, join us in Archmages' Assembly to share and pick up some tips and best practices, or to simply commiserate and celebrate the joys and woes of fellowship management with fellow Archmages The Elvenar event, Summer Solstice begins on beta May 16, 2019 and will run until June 10th. It has now been announced it will run on live worlds from June 4th, 2019 through June 29th, 2019 1.15 Autumn Zodiac 2019; 1.16 Winter Magic; 1.17 Elvarian Carnival; 1.18 Gathering of the Phoenix Cults; 1.19 May Celebrations; 1.20 Air Traders' Voyage; 1.21 Sorcerers' Pilgrimage; 1.22 Autumn Zodiac 2020; 2 Rewards. 2.1 Sample Buildings; 2.2 Expiring Buildings; 2.3 Grand Prizes; 2.4 Building Sets; Main Events. Every year, many Special Events take place in Elvenar. Here you will find an.

Elvenar Product Managers - Nino and Julia - present to you this year's Carnival Event! Watch their silly antics as they play around preparing for the traditional carnival, while explaining how the. Autumn Zodiac 2019. Page; Discussion; View source; History; InnoGames Follow us on From Elvenar Wiki EN. Jump to: navigation, search. Contents. 1 Introduction; 2 Event Menu; 3 Golden Keys; 4 Galactic Spheres. 4.1 Collecting Stardust; 4.2 Zodiac Signs; 5 Rewards. 5.1 Evolving Buildings; 5.2 Grand Prizes & Expiring Buildings. 5.2.1 Pet Food; Introduction. Humans and Elves have always been. pr ochain event ??? Par Anonyme, le 15.08.2020 merci pour ces précieuses informations ☼ Par Anonyme, le 07.05.2020 bonjour maryko, ce blog ne fait que publier des infos sur les événements d'elvenar avant qu'ils ne débutent en Par osmosys-elvenar, le 15.12.2019 bonjour en ce moment c est l evenement de noel je jou sur felyndral mon pseudo c est maryko ce que je ne compr Par Anonyme, le 14. The event kicks off with a quest to construct a special event building: Starts at 2x2, takes xx hours (either flat across all levels, or escalating from minutes for the first level to a day or two for the end product) to construct, and at each stage takes a set number of hours to upgrade, can be upgraded to (as an example) level 28, which is a 5x5 building. After the event ends, it can no.

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  1. The Elvenar event, Autumn Zodiac began on beta September 9th, 2019 and will run until October 3rd, 2019. It has now been announced that it will begin on live worlds Monday, September 23rd and will run until Thursday, October 17th
  2. From Elvenar Wiki EN. Jump to: navigation, search. Contents. 1 Summer Solstice; 2 Event Menu; 3 Sun Remember that the Summer Solstice Event only lasts for a few weeks, and after that you will no longer be able to use your Sun Flares to get awesome rewards, so don't waste time! Rotating Chests. There are 3 Chests to choose from! Each one gives you a chance to win the Daily Exclusive reward.
  3. Fall Event 2019. Thread starter Piotr1234685; Start date Jul 6, 2019; Prev. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Go. betathunderclap Merchant. Aug 18, 2019 #21 Markus Stormrider said: maybe they should do a FoE X Elvenar event some time, which first takes place here, and then finishes on Elvenar? Click to expand... In the name of any deity, why? There is very little cross over. I tried Elvenar.
  4. Medieval Fantasy Music - Medieval Market | Folk, Traditional, Instrumental - Duration: 1:15:17. Traditional Music by Ean Grimm & the Fiechters Recommended for yo
  5. Elvenar Basics - The 10 Golden Rules of Space Optimization (1) - Duration: 10:16. Elvenar Players - Get Daily Gameplay Tips & News on Facebook! 19,103 views 10:1

From Elvenar Wiki EN. Jump to: navigation, search. Contents. 1 Evolution of the Phoenix; 2 Event Menu; 3 Sky Once again the Event brings us some of our favorite Expiring Buildings. The Monument of Ancient Knowledge, for instance, gives an Ancient Knowledge 3 Instant every 48 hours and the Trading Outpost gives an exciting Portal Profit Enchantment which refills your capped Guest Race Goods. 08 05 2019 Game play Elvenar Arendyll elvenar Battles - Duration: 19:54. Tips Gathering of the Phoenix Cults Event | Elvenar - Duration: 4:57. Elvenar Official Recommended for you. 4:57.

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  1. We were LIVE with Timon (Game Designer) & Nino (Product Manager) to answer your Constructs and Carnival Event questions: http://hyperurl.co/Elvenar
  2. Bâtis ta ville magique sur le jeu en ligne de construction Elvenar, choisis entre les Elfes et les Humains et découvre un monde enchanté
  3. Φθινοπωρινός Ζωδιακός 2019. Σελίδα; Συζήτηση; Προβολή κώδικα; Ιστορικό; InnoGames Follow us on Από Elvenar Wiki GR. Μετάβαση σε: πλοήγηση, αναζήτηση. Περιεχόμενα. 1 Εισαγωγή; 2 Μενού του event; 3 Χρυσά Κλειδιά; 4 Γαλαξιακές Σφαίρες; 5 Συλλογή Ασ
  4. r/Elvenar: A place for discussion, news, and resources on the online game Elvenar. Available to play in both browser or app (iOS and Android)! Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . r/Elvenar. log in sign up. User account menu. 3. Winter Magic - December Event 2019. News/Info. Close. 3. Posted by. u/Nymis. Elvenars. 2 hours ago. Winter.
  5. Previous Post Elvenar Event Chest Strategy Analysis. You Might Also Like. Elvenar Woodelves - Day 14 [43%] April 2, 2019. Elvenar Woodelves - Day 22 [65%] April 10, 2019 . Elvenar Sorcerers & Dragons - Day 20 [60%] May 13, 2019. Elvenar Orcs - Day 33 [89%] March 16, 2019. Elvenar Halflings - Day 07 [26%] June 17, 2019. Elvenar Halflings - Day 03 [12%] June 7, 2019. This Post Has 3.
  6. This section contains all announcements and news about our game
  7. Valentine's Questline Event 2019 - now running in the Live Worlds Jack Luyt · Thursday, January 24, 2019 · The Valentine's Questline Event will run in the Live Worlds from 6th February to 26th February
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Elvenar. 384 K J'aime. Join the mysterious fantasy world of Elvenar Isn't enough the Winter event, now they come with this **** ? And 80 EUR for 3 artifacts? What on earth are they thinking? That on our side money are flying around us and we just have to stretch a little and pick them??? If I would be this rich, I would have better things to do with my time than playing Elvenar. Reactions: maxiqbert and krzysztof56. krzysztof56 Active Member. Nov 30, 2019 #14.

'Winter Magic' seasonal event starts December 5th 2019. Jack Luyt · Thursday, November 14, 2019 · NOTE: The Quests in this Note are a sample from one player in Beta World. The ones in the Live World version will be a bit different - see the Beta Forum Announcement at the end of this note!! There is EVENT MUSIC this time! If you like that kind of thing, turn on your sound! You are welcome. Elvenar - Carnival Event 2019. NEWS / UPDATE. Feb 22, 2019. Elvenar's team goes over the details of the Carnival Event, which will be around for a limited time. Players will collect candy thrown from floats, which can be used to unlock chests that contain flags, and hopefully one of the daily exclusive prizes. For each flag that you find in a chest, the Carnival dancers will move closer to. During the first days of the event on Live, we had to make some adjustments to the event's balancing. This was unfortunately necessary, but we also understand why it was not an appreciated change, especially with the given timing. The rebalancing of a running event is not a decision that we take lightly, which is why we keep this as a last resort. For Autumn Zodiac, we definitely took action. The quest series is running on Beta November 27 through December 31st. It is running on live servers December 4th through January 7th

Oct 25, 2019 #1 Greetings all We all love the Christmas event; the year's best culture and hybrids, and even good set buildings, are available then. I have won KPs to the bar and handed them out to my fellows But seriously, folks, do we want a Christmas event that annoys players by forcing us to upgrade our factories and workshops? That causes us to dread advancing chapters? The answer for me. Elvenar - Evolution of the Phoenix Event - 2019-04 - Grand Prize Rotation It is looping, so once you reach the last grand prize on the list, you start with the first one again. One caveat though - only first 20 grand prizes cost 20 grand prize tokens

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O VERVIEW OF EVENT Dear Humans and Elves, As the summer is approaching, everyone in Elvenar is excited for the big Summer Festival, that everyone knows as Woodelvenstock. In pleasant anticipation, all races organize a small gathering to get in the right mood. Elves, Humans, Dwarves and Goblins stand in line to buy tickets for the upcoming. In Elvenar, you can get your hands on these relics by either trading some with the province owners or fighting for them against savage creatures! Your friendly neighborhood. You are not alone in Elvenar, the fantasy city builder game. On the vast and seemingly unending world map, numerous other tribes of elves and humans have made their home. You can visit them and take a good look at their. So the Double Days were not so much about just giving extra event currency, but more about balancing the event between days with great Daily Rewards and days with less valuable Daily Rewards (which got compensated by the Double Days). In this event that setup and focus is different (not so much on Daily Rewards anymore) and therefore for this event we wont (re-)introduce the Double Days

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  1. Elvenar's Birthday Event - Discussions! Jul 14, 2020; DawsonJr; Feedback. General Discussion. You can share your feedback and opinions about the game here. Threads 3K Messages 75.7K. Threads 3K Messages 75.7K. Discussion Tournament Changes. Today at 1:01 AM ; Iyapo1; Ideas and Suggestions. How can we improve Elvenar according to you? Let us know here! Threads 2.4K Messages 19.9K. Sub-forums.
  2. Elvenar Event Chest Strategy Analysis; Manual Event Chest Strategy calculator. Here you define your own Elvenar event chest-opening strategy manually (i.e. you specify priorities for chests), and this calculator can tell you what are the expected outcomes of this strategy for all the rewards. Optimal Event Chest Strategy calculato
  3. Elvenar. 382 K J'aime. Join the mysterious fantasy world of Elvenar
  4. Autumn Zodiac Event 2020 | Elvenar. Play Game. Elvenar. October 6 at 11:00 AM · If you were to start your city from scratch, what would you do differently? ️. See All. Videos. It's time for an Elvenar challenge Close your eyes, take a screenshot and find out which guest race suits you best! Don't forget to share your screenshot with us in the comments below! ⤵️. 65. 175. Live Q.
  5. Elvenar; Home Run; Texas Hold' Em Poker; Titan Quest; Yeti Sport; Sports. Ken Block; Pikes Peak; Vidéos; Divers. Bannières; 2 mn du peuple; Lafesse; Vidéos Insolites; Elvenar. Jeux . Chatbox en mode fenêtre . Aventure Confrérie 2020 . Zodiaque d'Automne 2019 . Event Halloween 2019 . Unités de combats . Gérer votre Ville . Winter Magic 2019 . Bâtiments É volutifs . Carnaval Saint.
  6. It seems that Elvenar only listens to US/German players and the rest of the versions are just money-leech branches. Our polish moderators only clean up topics and even don't take part in discussions about the game. We miss team members like on english forums who take part in creating the game

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All the different races of Elvenar are now enjoying the beach-party lifestyle and the fun-buildings the happy merfolk have in store. Imagine the sight of Orcs surfing, Halflings checking the tourist hotspots, chilled out Elves and Humans on the beaches and Dwarves, burnt in the sun, inevitably ending up at the beach bar! Even the Amuni are there. Well, they do love sand. Event Menu. Throughout. Think seeds in beginning of the Halflings without any possibility of using event buildings to cover the shortfall. We will see how it plays out So this is it for now. Let me know what you think about this preview of Elvenar Chapter 17 research tree in the comments below. Certainly let me know if there are other things that you know about the chapter. I may make another post about new. Thanks @rock stream, thanks @Pauly7 :) @rock stream I have saved your Chilli recipe, I have never had Chilli (not something typical in my part of the world), I might try to make some these days : Elvenar is a very complex and enjoyable strategy game with elements of city management, economics and diplomacy. Build the most beautiful capital in the kingdom, make it inviting for new citizens, keep them happy by providing for them and taking care of their needs Elvenar Team. Apr 24, 2019 #7 That could be a possibility, indeed. To sum up: Evolving the Phoenixes (using the Phoenix Artifact to go from one stage to the next) will still be possible, provided you have the required Phoenix Artifact item. The Phoenix Artifact itself may become available again in the future, but if it does it will be in a very limited way, which is why we would advise to get.

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As you have already learned from the Days of Music Questline Event, Woodelvenstock comes to your city! Music sounds from near and far as stages are built and the most famous bands from all over Elvenar arrive with their entourage. Fans queue up to get a blink at their favourite celebrities. Grumpy Orcs wait for the mosh pit to be opened and Elves look for alternative beats, while the dwarven. Elvenar. 363K likes. Join the mysterious fantasy world of Elvenar

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  1. Your Elvenar Team (Spoilers) Rise of the Phoenix Event Guide Some of the daily prizes I got during that event were better than the first two grand prizes. Last edited: Mar 17, 2017. Reactions: Draconomicon. jps54 Well-Known Member. Mar 17, 2017 #17 Not exactly Easter eggs, but yes very similar. Reactions: ruffe. SoggyShorts Well-Known Member. Mar 17, 2017 #18 Istaru said: Since there are.
  2. Aventure de juillet 2019. Oyez oyez, une nouvelle aventure de confrérie approche. il faudra tous les badges :+ sac de pièces, gardiens d'elvenar et société merveilleuse etape 1 :on déb... La reine des mers - juillet 2019
  3. NEW: Elvenar - Discover the new fantasy game. Tribal Wars 2 - the sequel to the classic. Grepolis - Build your empire in ancient Greece. Home Home; The game The game. Basics; Getting Started; Rules. Forum Forum; Help Help. FAQ; Support. Media Media. News. Artwork. Concept Art. Screenshots. Wiki Wiki; Forge of Empires; Media; News; Winter Event 2019! Winter Event 2019! from The Forge of.
  4. April/May 2019 brings us a new major event in the world of Elvenar - Evolution of the Phoenix. I won't be repeating much of what is written elsewhere, so check out these resources: Thorough description of the event, mechanics, quests and prizes at Elvenar's Gems of Knowledge: Evolution of the Phoeni

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action adventure Android App store Devolver Devolver Digital DLC Early Access Elvenar EVE Online F2P Forge of Empires FPS free to play GOG Good Shepherd Entertainment Google Play History indie indie game iOS Linux MAC MMO Mobile Multiplayer Nexon Nintendo Nintendo Switch PC PlayStation 4 PS4 RPG RTS SEGA shooter simulation Simulator Space steam Strategy Total War Update VR xbox one. Categories. Monday, April 15, 2019 — From today until May 12, Elvenar's players can enjoy The Evolution of the Phoenix event. Following the storyline of our Rise of the Phoenix and Phoenix Cult events from previous years, this is the third part of the story. Players have to collect both Sky Essence and Feathers to progress in the event and reach the multiple Grand Prizes it includes this time.

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Fil:2019 Summer event payback.png. Fil; Diskussion; Vis kildetekst; Historik; InnoGames Fra Elvenar Wiki DK. Skift til: navigering, søgning. Fil; Filhistorik ; Filanvendelse; Ingen højere opløsning fundet. 2019_Summer_event_payback.png ‎ (64 × 64 punkter, filstørrelse: 8 KB, MIME-Type: image/png) Filhistorik. Klik på en dato/tid for at se den version af filen. Dato/tid Thumbnail. NEW: Elvenar - Discover the new fantasy game. Tribal Wars 2 - the sequel to the classic. Grepolis - Build your empire in ancient Greece. Home Home; The game The game. Basics; Getting Started; Rules. Forum Forum; Help Help. FAQ; Support. Media Media. News. Artwork. Concept Art. Screenshots. Wiki Wiki; Forge of Empires; Media; News; Carnival Event 2019! Carnival Event 2019! from The Forge of. Sep 7, 2020 - This is a fantasy city building game and I am an Elf in an Elf world with neighbors & fellowship to share the experience with. This is an exciting world!. See more ideas about Fantasy city, City building game, Fantasy world NEW: Elvenar - Discover the new fantasy game. Tribal Wars 2 - the sequel to the classic. Grepolis - Build your empire in ancient Greece. Home Home; The game The game. Basics; Getting Started; Rules. Forum Forum; Help Help. FAQ; Support. Media Media. News. Artwork. Concept Art. Screenshots. Wiki Wiki; Forge of Empires; Media; News; Fall Event 2019! Fall Event 2019! from The Forge of Empires.

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Learn all about the new multi-player event feature in Elvenar, Fellowship Adventures! ALL ABOUT F ELLOWSHIP ADVENTURES. Fellowship Adventures is a multi-player event which occurs roughly once a month. This is a fellowship feature - If you're not in a fellowship, you'll want to join one if you want to participate in this event! The feature is not available to players not in a fellowship. If you. Elvenar vous donne rendez-vous dans un événement hivernal dans lequel vous allez pouvoir collecter des clefs gelées dans diverses parties du royaume. Il y aura également des récompenses quotidiennes et des nouveautés exclusives dans votre jeu préféré. Que vous soyez du côté des elfes ou des humains, il serait dommage de rater ça ! Plus d'infos détaillées sur l'événement (en. Elvenar - GameScoops is an up-to-the-minute news site where you can get updated on what's new and trending on all the news in the online game world. GameScoops aggregation technology consolidates all the web's game content into one place reducing the time and effort needed to regularly check various places for updates.Be sure to check daily for the latest rich content from all over social media NEW: Elvenar - Explore a fantastic world. Tribal Wars 2 - the sequel to the classic. Grepolis - Build your empire in ancient Greece. Home Home; The game The game. Basics; Getting Started; Social Actions. Support Actions; Messages & Chat. Rules. Forum Forum; Help Help. FAQ; Support. Media Media. Artwork. Concept Art. Screenshots. Wiki Wiki; Forge of Empires; Media; News; Winter Event 2019. There are lots of Elvenar servers and we'll display ranking results for your server. Also, your fellowship and personal user page links will become available. Features. Fellowship Administration MADE EASY. Automatic tracking of boosted goods to help you better balance your fellowship; Automatic tracking/generation of weekly report emails including points, tournament participation, monthly.

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gr.elvenar.com; More Games: Play now. Forge of Empires. Lead your city from the stone age through the centuries and forge a vast empire! Warlords of Aternum. Warlords of Aternum - Put your tactics to the test in an epic fantasy universe. God Kings. Compete on the ultimate battleground against epic creatures and tyrannical enemies! Grepolis. Build majestic cities, create a strong alliance. NEW: Elvenar - Discover the new fantasy game. Tribal Wars 2 - the sequel to the classic. Grepolis - Build your empire in ancient Greece . Home Home; The game The game. Basics; Getting Started; Rules. Forum Forum; Help Help. FAQ; Support. Media Media. News. Artwork. Concept Art. Screenshots. Wiki Wiki; Forge of Empires; Media; News; Halloween Event 2019; Halloween Event 2019. from The Forge. It was created to announce the Carnival Event of the game, and was used as an in-game Illustration, as well as marketing image.This Illustration is a collaborative effo skip. Discover; Live; Jobs; Sign Up With Email. Sign Up. or. Search and Filter Sign In; Discover; Live; Jobs; Sign In. Download on the App Store; Get it on Google Play; English. Sign Up With Email. Sign Up. or. Follow. Elvenar: Le dernier jeu lancé par Innogames propose lui aussi son lot de surprises avec l'arrivée de la tempête des neiges. L'event dure tout le mois de décembre et se termine le 8 janvier 2017. Durant toute cette période le but est de récupérer un maximum de flocons de neige pour pouvoir ensuite les échanger contre des cadeaux, des globes hivernaux dans le but de pouvoir construire.

Discussion - Carnival | Page 4 | Elvenar Beta ForumSpire: Multiplayer Coming Soon! – Elvenar Gems of KnowledgeElvenar - Fantasy City Builder GameGeneral Event Tips – Elvenar Gems of KnowledgeHerbstliche Sternzeichen | Event 2019 - Elvenar Fan
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